About SuPeRxNiNjA

​My friend and his brother started a super ninja clan and then I joined. But pretty soon my friend left the clan and went to a new clan tht never went anywhere an he thought that if he followed his friend that he would be better off. But ever since he left Super Ninja he just wasted money on changing his gamer tag and his clan changed their name like 5 times. But my friends brother (the clan leader) stopped playing xbox so he made me leader of the clan. But then I kicked everyone out of the clan because they were all 
terrible. But since I was alone and not being in a clan I thought it would be a chance for me to accually make something out of it and no im were i am today.

My Clan

I am in a clan and the clan name is dM. I am the clan leaderof dM.
I will be dM Stylez and we already have 5 members in my clan. We are just starting out but we will start posting videos ASAP.

dM Roster

dM Stylez​​ (Leader)
dM Blink (Co-Leader)
dM Crafty (Co-Leader)
dM Focus

dM Editing Roster

dM Stylez
KTA x N1NJA​​​​​​​​​